Bacon Hangers

Beacon has been manufacturing Bacon Hangers for over 60 years and over those years we have become “The Bacon Hanger Specialist”. Beacon has been awarded four patents for our innovative designs that help our customers solve a specific handling problem, reduce potential injury to their workers, or just make the combs last longer.

Our vast inventory allows a bacon processor to choose the Bacon Hanger that works best at their facility. The examples below show just how versatile Beacon is when it comes to engineering the perfect Bacon Hanger.

Standard Bacon Hangers

Our standard everyday Bacon Hanger is the best built, longest lasting in the industry. The standard Bacon Hanger, which is available in both eight and ten prong designs, can be shipped from stock.


8 3/4” Wide


11 1/4” Wide


10” Wide

Hook Stabilizer Bar Bacon Hangers

If you are having a problem with your hooks bending and breaking off, Beacon has designed a Hook Stabilizer Bar (Patent #7,182,686 B2) that will reduce this problem. The added bar distributes the forces on the hook by transmitting those forces down the Bacon Hanger body.


8–Prong with Hook Stabilizer Bar


10–Prong With Hook Stabilizer Bar

Extra Crossbar Bacon Hangers

All Bacon Hangers over time begin to have bending and breaking of prongs through normal usage. We have added an extra crossbar welded across the inside of the prongs to strengthen the prongs and reduce the bending which will increase the life of the hanger.
The extra crossbar connects all the prongs, making it much more difficult to break the prongs during processing.

The Extra Crossbar can be added to any style Bacon Hanger.


8–Prong with Extra Crossbar

Bacon Hangers for Extraction Pullers

Many bacon processors have built their own mechanical pullers for de-combing bellies. Beacon has designed various wire forms welded to the backs of our Bacon Hangers that will engage these pullers (Patent #5,938,522).

The pullers have reduced injuries such as carpel tunnel as well as increased the usable life of the Bacon Hangers.

The Extraction Puller wire forms can be added to any Bacon Hangers.



Our standard 8-prong Bacon Hanger with a 3 3/8” extraction bar used for engagement of a mechanical pulling device.



Our standard 10-prong Bacon Hanger with 3 3/8” extraction bar used for engagement of a mechanical pulling device.



Our standard 10-prong Bacon Hanger with single loop bar used for engagement of a mechanical de-combing device.

Short Bacon Hangers

Bellies have gotten longer. These longer bellies can cause numerous problems in the processing cycle, like, but not limited to, causing the hanging belly to be lifted off of the notched bar above it causing it to fall on the floor, touching the belly below it and curling-up the bottom of the belly, etc. Our “Shorty” Bacon Hanger helps to reduce the problems of processing longer bellies.

Short Bacon Hangers

By changing the grip design and lowering the hook we were able to shorten our standard Bacon Hanger by 1 1/4”.

Special Bacon Hangers

If you have a unique requirement where one of our standard designs will not do the job. Beacon is the Bacon Hanger Specialist and we can engineer a special comb that works just for you.

Round Hooks

For Special Trees

Tapered Grips

For added room to hang

Special Hooks

For hanging on Smoke Sticks

One of Kind Designs