CT Bacon Hangers

Beacon, Inc, The Bacon Hanger Specialist, introduces the new CT Bacon Hanger. The Cutaneous Trunci Bacon Hangers are designed with lowered center prongs to catch the C.T. muscle and support it throughout the processing cycle.

These are just some of the comments we have received from our customers who have switched to the CT combs:

  • “Two more slices justify the CT Hangers.”
  • “1-½% increase is easy.”
  • “It’s the way to go, we will be purchasing CT Hangers for all our replacements.”
  • “Averaging over 2% increase in our testing.”
  • “The bellies look better hanging on the combs, they are square across the top and
    fit better going into the bacon press.”

Increase Your Yield 1-½% Or More

By catching and supporting this centrally located muscle, it allows lean to become exposed in bacon slices nearer to the end of your belly in the slicing operation. This gives you more lean slices per belly, increasing your overall yield.


8–Prong CT Style


10–Prong CT Style


8–Prong CT Style with Extraction Handle


10–Prong CT Style with Extraction Handle

CT Style with Hook Stabilizer Bar

Special CT Style