Smokesticks, Hooks and Springs


Beacon manufactures and stocks a wide range of stainless steel Hooks. These include Stockinettes, C–Hooks, S–Hooks and W–Hooks. We can manufacture them in many sizes and styles, all stainless steel, from T–304 to T–416.


As you can see Beacon sells many types of stainless steel Springs. We specialize in ham tension springs in various lengths. But we can supply you with any style of spring you may require.


Beacon can supply all of the popular smokesticks that are used in the meat processing industry. We manufacture, bellshaped, triangular, rod, and tubular in any length you require.


Beacon has a wide line of Loaf Baskets. We have manufactured Loaf baskets from 6″ to 26 long and everything in between. The width and height also vary. We have manufactured various sizes of scrapple baskets for that industry. Give us your dimensions and Beacon will build a basket for you.