Trucks, Racks and Trees

Beacon specializes in custom engineered Trucks and Racks. Whether it is one truck or one hundred, Beacon can design the perfect rack for your processing facility. Beacon has probably manufactured more customized racks than anyone in the country. Our 60 years of experience allows us to ask the right questions, gather the correct information from our customers and build the rack that fits their needs perfectly.

Below are examples of customized trucks we have built over the years and the options available on any of our racks.

Nesting Design

The Nesting Design gives our customers space saving options when not in use. The design allows the trucks to nest inside each other when empty. Below shows a truck in use and the nesting space savings ability when waiting for their next product load.

Four Upright Design

The four upright design has been a standard in the industry for decades. As on all of our trucks every weld joint is welded solid and continuous, and can be designed to hold any weight load.

Trees & Cages

If your facility has a overhead rail system, Beacon can design a rack to work with that system. We can take any truck design and turn it into a hanging rack that can attach to your rail system.

Special Racks

Beacon specializes in custom design racks. We have engineered and manufactured special designs for Bacon, Ribs, Bolo Logs or any other products that need a unique design for processing.

Truck Level Types




Caster Options

Our Trucks standard caster option is a four wheel design with two rigid and two swivel non stainless casters with wheels ranging from 4″ to 8″ in diameter. But we can supply you with any type caster you require including stainless caster rigs.

We also manufacture the six wheel “European” design.

Beacon also can manufacture a box fender design to prevent splashing of liquids while the truck is in motion and well as simply top fenders that will do the same.